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Music Movements & Modules

Music Movements & Modules

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Musical Movements & Modules

When you hear the harmonic melody of a mechanical music box, you’re actually listening to a melody produced by a historic mechanism called a musical movement.

The wind-up music box movement was first introduced in 1796 and it was a groundbreaking moment in music appreciation around the world. For the first time ever, with the help of the musical movement inside a music box, people could listen to music in their own homes.

Our music box movements are available in the base 18-note movement, the most common type, and 22-, 30-, 36-, 50-, 72-, and 144-note mechanical movements. We also carry musical movements with attached figurines, such as classic ballerinas for musical jewelry boxes.

The mechanical movement’s electronic counterpart is the music movement module. Over the years as music boxes evolved in design and as digital technology came of age, the digital custom music box was introduced.

Modules are essentially the computers inside digital music boxes. Digital music modules are programmable and recordable. They’re able to store one or more MP3 music files so you can truly customize your digital music box with custom tunes you love. Modules are usually battery-operated, USB-ready, and some even feature video capabilities.

FAQs About Musical Movements & Movement Modules

  • How Do Musical Movements Work?

    Mechanical music movements create music by using a mechanism consisting of a steel comb that 'plucks' the teeth on a revolving cylinder with disc. Each ‘pluck’ creates a note in a song. Basic musical movements play 18-note movement songs. You can also purchase 22-, 30-, 36-, 50-, 72-, and 144-note music box movements. Learn more about musical movements.

  • How Do Music Modules Work?

    Digital music modules, also known as electronic movements, use digital MP3 recording technology to record and play custom tunes. Most models have a USB port and connection cord you can connect to your computer to download the music of your choosing onto the movement module. Install the module inside your digital music box and you’ve got a personalized music box that plays anything you want!

  • What Accessories Come with Your Musical Movements?

    It depends on the movement model, but most of our mechanical music movements come with a winding key, screws, an on/off control wire stopper mechanism, and the necessary hardware needed for installation. Other accessories and add-ons, such as control kits, brass pins, turn tables, extenders for keys and additional winding keys, are available for purchase.

  • What Accessories Come with Your Movement Modules?

    Most of our digital movement modules come with a USB cord you can use to upload MP3 songs onto your module, rechargeable batteries, and some modules include LCD screens.

  • What Kinds of Songs Do You Have Available?

    In our musical movements, we offer melodies from all kinds of musical genres, from traditional music to classical Beethoven, lullabies, gospel, inspirational, romantic music, theater, spiritual, religious and popular music. Our digital movement modules are recordable and customizable with any song or custom tunes you’d like! You can also record voice messages on our movement modules to create a truly unique and memorable musical box. This makes a fantastic musical gift, too!

  • What Movement Brands Do You Carry?

    We primarily carry the Reuge Romance, Sankyo Orpheus, and Yunsheng Rhymes brands of musical movements.

    Be sure to visit our FAQ page for additional info about our music boxes, musical gifts, movements, modules, cuckoo clocks, and more! Please contact us with any questions you have and if you need assistance while you shop.

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