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Nothing makes more of a sentimental gift than custom music boxes. brings you the newly available option of creating your own design with our custom music boxes creation process. Bring to life your own personally written song or a favorite tune that is hard to find. Custom music boxes make it possible to give the gift of memories and joy. MusicBoxAttic offers great pricing and will work with you through the entire process.

You can purchase the module directly online at the below link or call us anytime to place the order (818)255-0871.

At this time we can create custom electronic modules that act just like musical mechanisms, which play the actual song, not like the musical movement tines sound, but the actual tune with or w/o vocals. The cost to program, customize and install the module in one of our boxes is $150.00; it is a very dedicated and time exerting process since each and every module is custom made to fit the box of your preference. It will fit any box that has a lid, because of the light sensor that activates and deactivates the music. Unfortunately, Eggs, Dolls, Globes or other figurine type items cannot be used.

We will need you to provide the song information or the file. The module will hold up to and between 2:20 - 2:40 of play time.

With a lifetime guarantee attached, this is the best option and value out there for the price. The quality of the module sound has been perfected throughout the years and has really come into its own.

It is also possible to convert any song already custom created at 150.00 into music box sound through a 3rd Party we work with for $75 (total of $225 converted) and the module will play music box type sound, rather then the original song. Here are some examples: Music Box Type Sounds, Click Here

Also, custom music boxes are great as corporate gifts. Do you have a special logo or song that means a lot to your business? For a corporate occasion, custom music boxes can make the event a memorable and ever lasting one. MusicBoxAttic has worked with many companies to make both their employees and clients know that they are appreciated. Making custom music boxes can be as easy as adding an engraved plaque to your music box. Custom music boxes don’t have to be expensive! brings you a beautiful bronze plaque that is placed on the lid of your music box. This can turn all of our music boxes into custom music boxes. Your own personal message engraved on your box will make it all the more sentimental!

Today's custom music boxes reflect an art, with an incredible array of creative possibilities, limited only by the custom music boxes designer, which is you. MusicBoxAttic allows you to create custom music boxes of your own taste, make them classic or wild., eye catching beauty of personals logos and/or symbols, or personally written music. Used to spread good will among both personal friends and business associates, custom music boxes have now become a tradition that is for sure here to stay. Custom music boxes represent both a gift for the person who has everything, and a token of appreciation that truly goes beyond words.

If you're looking for a source of elegant custom music boxes for any reason, you're on the right site. Here at, we're the custom music boxes experts. Custom music boxes are what we know, and custom music boxes are what we're known for. MusicBoxAttic custom music boxes make memorable gift experiences that deliver your message of appreciation and respect with elegance and grace. So whether you're for custom music boxes in the theme of weddings, anniversaries, new baby, or just want to say thank you to a special person, we've got the custom music boxes that will always make the right impression. is here to make all of your gift giving dreams come true, so look around our site. You’ll find a huge selection of options for custom music boxes. And every one of our custom music boxes comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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