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Carousel music boxes

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Carousel Horse Music Boxes

We know there are those who just love carousels, and thatís why we carry such a beautiful selection of carousel music boxes! The colors, the music, the magic of our carousel music boxes will make you feel like you are right there, standing in front of a life size masterpiece. Allow your imagination to go all the way with one of our carousel music boxes.

Our carousel music boxes come in all shapes and sizes. We have carousel music boxes that are individual figurines of the majestic horses. One of our most popular brands, Mr. Christmas makes some of the most grand carousel music boxes. Mr. Christmas makes mini carousel music boxes, as well as larger, detailed, almost life like versions of carousel music boxes. And of course, the classic version, inlaid carousel music boxes imported straight from the factory in Sorrento, Italy.

Why choose carousel music boxes to give as gifts you ask? Or maybe you didnít ask why you should give carousel music boxes as gifts, but Iím here to tell you that you should! Carousel music boxes make amazing gifts for anyone, at any age. Children will be mesmerized by the colors and the overall magical feel of carousel music boxes. While adults will be transported back to a place of wonder, and child like innocence with any of our carousel music boxes.

With our inlaid carousel music boxes (which feature a beautiful, colorful carousel horse on the lid), you can make it as unique and one of a kind as you. At Music Box Attic, we allow you to customize our inlaid carousel music boxes in several ways. The best way is by choosing the right song from our extensive list of tune for one of carousel music boxes. Or, even better; you can create your own musical movement with your own song, and place that into one of our inlaid carousel music boxes. Another great way to customize one of our carousel music boxes is to add an engraved plaque to your order. We will inscribe a golden plaque with your special message, place it on the lid, and it wil be the most one of a kind gift youíve ever given.

With any purchase of one of our carousel music boxes, we guarantee your satisfaction. In fact, here at Music Box Attic, we so believe that our carousel music boxes are up to par with anything else you can give, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!!! This year, wow your loved ones with one of our unique carousel music boxes!


You've come to a special place, where every person is welcomed with open arms and every customer is a family member. Music Box Attic not only provides the most unique gift ideas you'll ever come across, but an unparalleled 5 star custom service experience. Our products are innovative, unique, one of a kind and completely custom created. Give the gift of music and capture the memories forever!!!!


"My music box is wonderful in everyway and the engraving beautiful. Delivery was perfect and timely."-Jennifer

"Dealing with Boris and Music Box Attic has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and advice ensured that I got the perfect gift for my girlfriend. Emails were answered the same day I sent them, always addressing any quest..."

"You guys really outdid yourselves, the emails were fast, the response on the phone was courteous, and the music box came in 2 days, not to mention the quality, WOW, overall much better then expected, will send all my guy fri..."


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