Read about Singing Birds & Reuge Pocket Watches

Read about Singing Birds & Reuge Pocket Watches
Exclusive Reuge Singing Birds             

Reuge Musical Pocket Watches

Chirping Birds
Reuge is renowned for the manufacture of singing bird boxes with tiny "pop-up" birds that imitate the movements of a bird and reproduce bird singing. This extraordinary mechanical mechanism, with its bellows and piston whistles, imitates bird movement and bird song quite authentically.

The singing bird movement was invented in the late 18th century by Jaquet-Droz in La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. It is made up of leather bellows and piston whistle assembly that creates bird song and has more then 200 parts. The little bird pops up from its nest and moves from side to side while flapping its wings and moving its beak, while it sings an authentic bird song. Then it suddenly disappears back into its nest, like magic!

It is important not to push down the oval lid while the bird is singing. If the bird stops in mid song, gently wind the key, and it will go down on its own. The birdsong lasts for 10 - 12 seconds!

Pocket Watches
Automated Pocket Watch Information:The pocket watches with automated scenes are gold-plated 10 microns over brass and have a Swiss 18-jewel mechanical shock-absorbent watch movement and an alarm function. At the appointed time, the music plays and the animated scene moves. The musical and automation movements are wound at the back using a lyre-shaped key. The watch movement is wound by means of the crown. The music and automated scene may also be activated by pressing the button on the back. All watches with automated scenes are also available with an erotic scene concealed in the back. Reuge music carries on the tradition started by Charles Reuge with a selection of unique watches containing the smallest mechanical musical movement in the world, the MB 1.17, 1 tune, 17 note movement. Only high quality Swiss mechanical watch movements and the finest materials are used. Reuge is the only company making pocket watches with music and automation!