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Animated Music Box is proud to bring you our selection of the perfect gift, an animated music box. We offer only the highest quality music boxes, and are always looking for new innovative ideas. An animated music box is the perfect solution to the traditional world of music boxes. When it comes to buying an animated music box, you can choose a mechanical or electric version. MusicBoxAttic allows you to choose your preference between a mechanical animated music box and an electric animated music box!

An animated music box that is mechanical usually includes a spinning ballerina, or a dancing couple. In this animated music box, as the musical movement plays its soothing music, it causes the ballerina to spin. Choose from any of MusicBoxAttic’s large variety of animated music box options. This animated music box is a beautiful and magical box that is sure to impress all your friends and family. Inside of an electric animated music box, there can be numerous couples dancing, and gorgeous lighting surrounding them. Both versions of an animated music box carry their own beauty, and both make fabulous gifts at any time of the year. Both versions can also be found right here, at

Offer joy and hours of fun with one of MusicBoxAttic’s animated music box. Each animated music box comes with our 100% guarantee. Every one of our animated music box options are made with the best materials of highest quality. Any of our animated music box options can come with a personalization. Make it custom with a custom movement, write your own song and have it play in a music box! You can also add an engraved plaque to your animated music box. Write a personal message to your loved one in your animated music box, something they will never forget.

We're pleased that your search for an animated music box has brought you to We are your premier source for any varieties of an animated music box. Our quality assurance, and customer service specialists who have an amazing reputation, are always here to help you with your animated music box. They also have plenty of knowledge of all of our animated music box options; we would be delighted to answer any of your questions. An animated music box makes a perfect gift for all of your loved ones.

Whenever you need to shop for an animated music box, MusicBoxAttic can be your one-stop shop. With a few simple clicks of your mouse, you have access to a refined selection of music boxes and a stress-free shopping experience. Stay home; forget the long lines at the mall, or the long drives to specialty stores and come to MusicBoxAttic for your animated music box. Delivery is also simple and quick; we offer a range from ground to next day air. We ship internationally as well as domestically. MusicBoxAttic is here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always here to help. For a lasting memorable gift, choose an animated music box. Remember, MusicBoxAttic, the place where all your gift giving dreams come true.